Dr. Gerlinde Reiprich

Dr Gerlinde Reiprich is a doctor and public health expert. She has worked in international development cooperation since 1993, with her work taking her across Africa as well as Eastern Europe and Asia. Her areas of expertise include organisational development and network consulting; personnel development in the health sector; conducting trainings and seminars on the topics of HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and control; sexual education and reproductive health, especially for adolescents; health planning and quality management in the health care sector; design and execution of studies; monitoring & evaluation, as well as medical controlling.

Gerlinde reiprich

Deputy Chair

Manja Naumann-Hustedt

Manja Naumann-Hustedt is a certified nutritionist. Since May 2006 she has been working as a project manager in international development cooperation. She supports the implementation of donor-funded long-term and short-term projects in the areas of public health and HIV prevention. Projects have included the provision of support to public sector employment programs; the adaptation of the youth sexual- and health education tool “Join-in Circuit"; and the evaluation of donor-funded health programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Central America.

Manja naumann hustedt


Judith Zimmermann

Judith Zimmermann has been involved in fundraising and financing of non-governmental organisations since 2008. She has a master's degree in international economic management and works in development cooperation in countries of the political South.

Judith Zimmermann grayscale